Ann Spear(non-registered)
So glad I stumbled onto your calendars! I've admired your photography for a long time. Great gifts for my NH & ME kids, who all want (me too) to live on the coast. We do get closer & closer! We've all listened to Rock 101/WHEB/Morning Buzz since the earl;y '80's & always will. So glad for your success.
Steve & Karen Palmer(non-registered)
We have been lifelong residents of New England, and New Hampshire for nearly 40 years- it has been our home and where we raised our family. Work has taken us to Nebraska and a new life, but we miss NH and it's beauty. We are looking at your site and will soon purchase a few prints for our home out here to remind us of what life is like "back home".

Your day job has been part of our lives for years, now we will have your hobby as part of our home for years to come!
Robin Fortin - St. Ann Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, Dover, NH(non-registered)
Our facility proudly displays 5 of Gregg's framed photos in our main corridor that we purchased as part of our recent renovations. We have received so many compliments. people stop and identify with each of them. I have informed everyone who took them and how to find more beautiful pictures.
Sharon Yerakes(non-registered)
Just wanted to let you know that two of your beautiful pictures are on their way to a new home in Virginia. One of my employees accepted a new position there and since there is always a debate about where the Shipyard really is - Maine or New Hampshire - I bought her a picture of tugs in Portsmouth and some boats in Kittery Point - that way she can say - I worked there!

I loved them and so did she - thanks for sharing your talent with all of us!
marc laroche(non-registered)
Gregg, I had to check out this page because of the plugs you and Roadkill give on the Buzz. Great job, awesome pics !
Shannon Souther(non-registered)
Hi Mr. Kretschmar!!

Thank you for sharing your amazing work. I love looking at all your pictures daily . i follow you on fb and i'm always excited to see what your going to show us! I'm starting out on my photography journey now too!! i'm brand new to the scene.. like.. still waiting for my camera to come in the mail new lol.. I want you to know You are such an inspiration to me.I haven't slept in 4 nights because of my excitement to start lol. any who.. just wanted to give you a shout out. and thank you for sharing all your beautiful work with us all.. Again.. your awesome at what you do!! cant wait to see more!

Best regards,
bill moga(non-registered)
lived on the southern coast for 10 wonderful years . . . . your pics remind me of why i loved it so . . .
wonderful work . . thank you
Marjie Bish(non-registered)
Thank you! Your work is beautiful! This is my first time visiting your page. Do you have any photos from Lebanon, NH?
Albert Cook(non-registered)
Beautiful photos. Art in it's purest form. Thank you for sharing these moments with us.
pożyczki przez internet dla zadłużonych(non-registered)
pożyczki przez internet dla zadłużonych
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